Spiritual Direction

Paula D’arcy writes that “God comes to us disguised as our life.”  Every part of our story, all the joys and sorrows, all the questions and longings are doorways into the Divine. The sacred intersects with the ordinary at every turn.

We often need help to discern God’s presence and redemptive work. We also need a place to be quiet, a place to come away from the noise and relentless demands of life so that we can pay attention to and reflect on how God is calling us deeper into life and love.

A spiritual director is one who comes alongside, a companion who helps us create the space to listen to God’s quiet voice and who listens to us and the Holy Spirit as we tell our stories and ask our questions.

In the work of spiritual direction, we learn the practice of being present to God’s simple and sacred activity in our lives. In turn, we find wholeness and freedom as our hearts awaken to deeper, richer communion and intimacy with the One who calls us Beloved.

What Miska Offers
  • Individual one hour sessions in person or by phone
  • Small or large group retreats