About Miska

Miska holds a Masters in Counseling from Colorado Christian University and for over twenty years has led groups and individuals looking to God for intimacy and wholeness. She delights in creating space for people to reflect on their stories and to learn more fully how to listen to the voice of Love. She is rooted in the Christian tradition and is a follower of Jesus, but welcomes everyone. She works with the Enneagram and with multiple practices of contemplative prayer. Miska completed her yoga teacher training in 2018 and has taught hundreds of hours of yoga. She teaches trauma-informed Vinyasa and Yin yoga. Mindful movement, for her, is another way of creating space to pay attention and practice presence. Everything belongs. Miska loves gardening, reading a good book, being in nature, walking with her dog Gus, and laughing (or crying) with her family. She lives in Holland, MI, with her husband. They have two sons.